Hi! My name's Benjamin Hubner, and you've found my portfolio!

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AI Final Project: Capture The Flag

This was a project that I completed for my "Artificial Intelligence in Games" class for Champlain College in Montreal during my semester abroad. Using a variety of AI algorithms and techniques, such as Dijkstra pathfinding for the AI's movement and a state machine for choosing what actions it will take, I created a capture the flag game where the player competes against the AI for points. The AI opponent is able to follow the player when they have the flag, find and pick up the flag, as well as delver the flag to their goal. The AI opponent can also attack the player, shooting a projectile that resets the player to their goal point. The map is also randomly generated, with walls being created in different locations at the start of the game, to allow for different experiences. The player and AI have the exact same abilities, which makes the game balanced and fun to play; I will say, most of the time for final projects I spend very little time actually playing the end product, mostly focusing on the creation, but I actually had a great deal of fun simply loading the project up and playing it.

Thinking back to this, I had a great deal of fun both creating and playing my final for my AI for Games class. If you would like to check it out, you can download the Unreal Engine project here.