Benjamin Hubner

Game Programmer and Software Engineer

About Me

Hello! My name is Benjamin Hubner. I'm a game programming graduate from Champlain College. I graduated Cum Laude in May of 2021 with a Game Programming major and a minor in Mathematics. I am passionate about both computer programming and game development, and game programming turned out to be a great intersection between these two interests.

Over my four years as a student at Champlain College, I have gained a great deal of both computer programming and game development experience, creating many game prototypes focusing on different sections of the game programming pipeline. I also gained hands-on experience during an international internship at the Montreal-based company Back To The Game , where I worked as a game programming intern working on a variety of features for their game City Cleaner. I have developed many skills in my field over the years, including the C programming language family, GLSL shader programming, networking, artificial intelligence, and more.

With projects like Live/Wire, my Capstone project for Champlain College, I have game development experience in both Unity and Unreal Engine. Additionally, many of these projects also granted me experience collaborating with other developers from different fields, both in an interpersonal sense, being able to communicate effectively with others, and a technical sense, using version control options like Git and Subversion.

I'm currently looking for a full-time position as either a game programmer or software engineer at a creative, forward-thinking company.


Now that you know a bit about me, check out some of my projects!

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Phone: (203) 739-5413

Resume: Here


Me, but a bit more professional
Me at my internship in Montreal!
Goofy ol' me!