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Networking Final Project: Boid & Seek

This project was my final project for my Networking class at Champlain College during my Spring semester 2021 in my senior year. I worked on this project with two other programmers, and I am proud of what we created. It is a hide and seek game with all its functionality networked, meaning that two players can play the game over the internet and see the exact same thing. The base of the game is fairly simple; one player starts as the seeker and is trying to find the hider to tag them. However, the setup for the project is complicated with the addition of other aspects of the game scene; to create a more interesting experience, we added a few flocks of Boids, simple moving AI objects, that can act as both cover and platforms for both players. We also added the ability to spawn in AI opponents as well, adding more complexity to the project. The main task for this project was to have both remote user inputs networked (i.e., having both players able to see each other) as well as remote simulation (having the server create and simulate something and send that data to the clients). Using a variety of techniques, we were able to create a game that shows off our knowledge gained about the subject of networking over the course of the semester.

If you would like to check out our Networking final project, you can click the link here to go to our Github page to download the Unity projects.